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Binding screws now available in special lengths

Binding Screws special lengths

Binding screws now available in special lengths

We manufacture binding screws exactly to your specifications.

You need binding screws with for example 23 mm capacity? No problem!
Generate value added by using binding screws which are made for you specially instead of using standard binding screws.
Because the binding screws are manufactured in exactly the required capacity the filling neither pinches nor does it have too much space.

We offer you:

– Binding screws in special lengths according to your specifications

– Already in small quantities

If you want to bind print products like flyers or menus in a simple and also visually appealing way you have to use binding screws.
By screwing together the screw top and the shank it results in a very durable connection which can also be resolved at any time when deposits are to be removed or added.
Does your product such as a flyer or menu has a fixed number of sheets it looks best if the capacity of the binding screws inserted is equal to the actually required capacity.
Thereby the sheets are neither clamped to strong which affect the function of a flyer still may have the sheets to much space if the capacity of the binding screws is larger than necessary.

By default the rise in the capacity of binding screws is 5 mm steps (from capacity up to 15 mm). If you wanted to use binding screws which are suitable to your product for example binding screws with a capacity of 23 mm you were only able to realize this with extension screw tops in the past.
However working with extension screw tops makes processing more difficult because not the entire material which you want to bind is held by the screw shank and thus the sheets may slip during processing.
Many of our customers therefore have expressed their desire for a different solution. This solution we offer you now with our specially made binding screws in special lengths.

Tidick is you specialist for binding screws. You will get binding screws in almost any desired length. Also regarding the coating we offer all possibilities to you. Choose between the standard coatings brass (gold) and nickel (silver) or take a more exotic coating such as black galvanized or copper-plated. Even binding screws in any RAL colour are possible by powder coating. Through the pad printing process we are also able to print lettering and logos on our binding screws. We are happy to advise you on the many options regarding the use of binding screws.

Here you get to the category binding screws.

*The binding screws in special length we can manufacture with capacities from 20 to 99 mm. The minimum order quantity is 1,000 pieces.

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