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Elastics and cords now also available with hooks

Hooks for elastics and cords

Elastics and cords now also available with hooks


Easy hanging and clamping with the new hooks for elastics and cords

Our elastics and cords are now also available with handy hooks at the ends. This makes it even easier to use elastics to hold sheets or to use the cords to hang up various objects.

Elastics and cords with hooks offer you the following advantages:

– direct fastening for example on edges or eyelets

– easy manufacturing of closures

– fast hanging of objects

Elastics are elastic rubber bands and are often used in folders or books as diaries in combination with T-split pins to keep the book closed with the elastic. Also elastics which are closed to the ring form can be used to close books or folders or they are stretched easily around the back of a menu to attach folded sheets to the menu and clamp them with the elastic.

Even more easily the elastics can be attached to folders or menus if they are equipped with our new hooks for elastics and cords at the ends. The hooks can be fixed simply in the back of the book and sheets can be clamped already.

Cords are inelastic and are often used as hangers for example in display construction. With the new hooks the cords can be attached directly without having to make a loop as it was before. In addition the hooks can also be attached to edges. A further ceiling hook is not required.

The new hooks for elastics and cords can be used in combination with our round elastics and PP-cords with a thickness of 2 mm.

The elastics and cords are cut exactly to your desired length. Furthermore you have the possibility to choose the metal ends flexibly. For both ends of the elastic or cord you can choose the same metal ends as for example hooks at both ends or you can choose different ends for example at one end a hook and at the other end a cable shoe. So you can use the elastics and cords for a wide range of different applications.

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