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Magnetic pockets


Magnetic pockets are the more faster and cleaner solution for the presentation of documents.

Magnettaschen Vergleich

Magnetic pockets are the more faster and cleaner solution for the presentation of documents

Magnetic pockets offer the following key advantages:

Easy and fast attachment of documents

Quick and easy replacement of documents

Protection of documents against damage and contamination

The uses for magnetic pockets are versatile. Operating instructions, data sheets or plans  because of the full size magnetic back the magnetic pockets keep your documents securely on any ferrous surface, such as on machines, cabinets, shelves, doors, containers or wire baskets.



Magnetic pocket full size magnetic back

full size magnetic back

It does not matter whether the surface is straight or curved. The flexible magnetic foil adapts to the ground. The front of the magnetic film is coated white.

The welded bag is made of durable, crystal-clear film. This protects your documents against damage or contamination and at the same time enables good viewing of the documents.

For all documents in the format DIN A5, A4 or A3, we offer the right magnet pocket.
No matter which version you choose, the insertion and removal of documents from our magnetic pockets is easy and fast. Magnetic bags therefore provide a time saving compared to other presentation systems.


Magnetic pocket "short side open"

The design “short side open”

When choosing the appropriate magnet pocket it depends firstly on the size and quantity of the contents, but on the other hand also to the personal preference when handling magnetic pockets.

The magnetic pockets in DIN A5 format and A4 are available with two different closure systems:
The design “short side open” is opened on the small side and also a small portion on the long side. Papers can be easily inserted into the pocket.




Magnetic pocket with flap

The version “with triangular flap”

The version “with triangular flapallows you to open the magnet pocket on one complete short and one long side.
The filling of the magnetic pockets is therefore more easily. Through the tab holds the content still safely in the magnet pocket.





For the A4 Format also a third version is available: If you want to insert a higher quantity of papers at the same time the version “with flap” is the right choise. This magnetic bag provides an increased capacity due to its special design. To protect the document this magnetic pouch is closed with a flap.


Our magnetic pockets come from European production and convince with high quality finish. They are also compliant to DIN EN 71-3, a standard warranty of safety for toys.

Following magnetic pockets are available:


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