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Pliers to attach metal T-ends (e.g. for handles)

Pliers for metal t-ends

Pliers to attach metal T-ends (e.g. for handles)

Frequently cords such as our 5 mm PP-cord or reyoncord are equipped with large T-splints to use these cords as a carrying handle. These handles are mostly used in bags or in other storage systems.

We are happy to offer ready to use cords with T-splints in any desired length also. But just when you need smaller quantities and different cords or lengths it can be quite useful if you attach the T-splints to the cord by yourself. With our new pliers to attach T-splints you now have that opportunity.

For some time we have a pliers for closing T-ends. However this is only suitable for the small T-ends 125 S and 125 SR. Due to the good response from our customers we have now decided to develop a pliers to press the large T-ends Item 127 S VN also.

Using the pliers to attach T-ends you can attach T-ends to a cord of your choice. The cord should have a diameter of about 3 to 5 mm. Suitable PP-cord, reyoncord and the large T-ends you can buy also from us. After you have attached the T-ends to the cord it must be put trough a hole in your pocket. The T-ends wraps around behind the hole and the handle cord now holds securely to the bag. Of course cords can be easily knotted to produce a handle but the use of T-ends brings a higher load capacity of the handle. Because the T-ends have a much larger contact area than a node so the T-ends does not slide through the hole in the pocket so quickly. Furthermore tearing of the handle due to the larger contact surface of the T-ends is prevented. Of course by using T-ends a much more accurate processing is possible than by using nodes. Differences in length of the handles can be avoided.

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