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T-splints and metal clips

T-Splinte und Kordelklammern Griff für Taschen

T-splints and metal clips for PP cords and reyon cord, to manufacture handles for bags.

From now  T-splints and metal clips for cords are also available in a larger version. Both PP cords 5 mm in diameter, as well as reyon cord can now be provided with T-splints or metal clips. Cords with T-splints are used for example as a carrying handle for bags. Through two holes in the bag the t-splints are passed and folded. The cord now holds securely to the bag and can be used as a carrying handle.

Use the metal clips to allow PP cords and reyon Cords to be  closed to a ring. This is also well to make a handle for bags. For this, only a hole in your pocket is needed, through which the cord is passed through it. Following this, the cord is closed with a metal Clip. Of course cords can also be easily knotted, but the closing of the cord with a metal clip is much more durable and is secondly also more visually appealing. Bags are often used as an advertising medium so visual aspects are important.

Suitable closure tools and hand presses for attaching the T-splits and metal clips are of course also available with us.

We are happy to supply you with ready-made PP cords and reyon cords. We cut the cord to the desired length and attach T-splints and metal clips on the cords. You only have to attach the cords to your bag. You save the time for cutting and knotting the cords. Choose from durable PP cords or noble reyon cords in many different colors and thus adjust the carrying handle perfectly to your bag.

An overview of our products from the rubber cords and unelastic cords you can find here.
In all matters relating to the issue of T-splints and metal clips please contact us at any time.

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