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Connecting display elements – “fast as an arrow” with thumb snap fasteners

Connecting display elements – “fast as an arrow”

With our new thumb snap fasteners connecting display elements such as price tags or banners is quickly and very easy.

– Quick and easy connection of display elements

– Versatile by different versions

Due to the arrow shape the thumb snap fasteners are also called arrow rivets. Especially in display construction often individual elements have to be connected. This could be for example price tags or banners. With the thumb snap rivets you get the job done now particularly fast and particularly easy:

The display elements which you want to connect with each other just need to be punched and the elements can be connected by the use of thumb snap fasteners. The arrow rivets are easily inserted through the holes. The thumb snap fasteners have barbs on the tip (arrow). This holds them securely in the material and let them not slip out. Depending on how thick the material is that you want to connect the more capacity the thumb snap fasteners need. In order to cover a wide range of materials we have different versions in our range. The thumb snap fasteners are available with the following capacities: 4 mm, 7 mm, 10 mm and 13 mm

Of course you can also use our plastic rivets or swatch fasteners for connecting display elements. These consist of two parts and are therefore not as easy to handle. The swatch fasteners offer the advantage that the capacity of the swatch fasteners can be adjusted to the thickness of the materials you want to connect.

Please have a look in our product category display products, too. There you will find many other interesting products into the range of display products. Do you have questions or do you need different products? Talk to us. We will advise you about “connecting display elements” and display products.

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