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Adhesive tapes and other adhesives

As well as being experts in ring binder technology, Tidick are also experts in the field of adhesives. We supply high quality adhesive products for the book binding sector and print processing. This includes double-sided adhesive tapes with various specifications. When choosing the right adhesive tape, the type of adhesive is decisive. So you can choose a thin adhesive, or a thicker, stronger foam adhesive. The presentation of adhesive tapes also makes a difference when it comes to processing. So you can get adhesive tapes with a roll end finder, which makes them easier to use. There is a virtually infinite range of widths and style of adhesive tapes. We can supply the exact width and length you need. There is no need for any subsequent cutting.

We can deliver not only adhesive tapes, but also adhesive spots and other shapes with a range of adhesives – quickly and matching your specifications.

Gue dots are another frequently used product in print processing. Glue dots are transparent and double-sided. They are often used to stick samples or other items to promotional flyers. Glue dots also come in different sizes and styles. You can also choose the strength of the adhesive of the dots. No matter whether the items to be stuck need to be removable or stuck on permanently, we can supply the right adhesive dot for your application.

The glue dots come in practical dispensers which makes them much easier to work with.

Glue is indispensable in the book binding sector, used, for example, for laminating books. We supply a wide range of different glues for you to choose from. Every glue has different properties which means they are suitable for different substrates.

We would be delighted to offer you our expert advice to help you choose the right adhesive for your project.

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