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Neodym-Magnete und weitere Magnetartikel

Neodymium magnets and other magnetic items

Our neodymium magnets are small, but very strong magnets which are absolutely ideal for keeping objects closed. Fastenings on bags, folders, files or mobile phone cases – the possibilities are endless.

The neodymium magnets are available as round disc magnets or square magnetic plates. Even the shape of the magnets can be critical, as the better the neodymium magnets match your product, the better you can use their strength.

Both disc magnets and plate magnets come in different sizes and strength levels. Both the size and power of the neodymium magnets have a significant influence on their magnetic power. The greater the mass of the neodymium magnet, the stronger it is.

Another important point when choosing the right neodymium magnet is the intended subsequent processing method. If, for example, the magnet is to be sewn in, then the normal design is adequate. If, however, the magnet is to be stuck to a box, for example, to act as a locking mechanism, then the self-adhesive version is the right choice. You just have to peel off the protective film, and the self-adhesive neodymium magnets can be attached anywhere you wish.

Our neodymium magnets aren’t the only way to create a locking mechanism – you can also use our magnetic closures. These are well know, above all on bags. But they can be used wherever anything is to be closed using magnets. Magnetic closures come in lots of different sizes and with a range of different surfaces. This makes it easy to find the right magnetic fastener for your application. The magnetic closuress are attached quite simply using a bracket on the top or bottom.

Our self-adhesive magnetic tape, available in different widths and strengths, can also be used as a fastener.

When you don’t have to fasten something, but you to label or hang up documents, then our magnetic mechanisms or slide binders are the right choice. By attaching magnetic bases to ring binder mechanisms and lever mechanisms, they become a hanging option for documents which can be used anywhere. The rubber magnetic bases guarantee a strong grip even where there is a large volume of material. If it’s only a matter of individual documents, then our magnetic document binders with a magnetic strip on the back give equally good grip on any ferrous surface.

Disc magnets | Disc magnets, self adhesive | Plate magnets | Plate magnets, self adhesive | Magnetic closure | Magnetic pockets | Magnetic tape | Ring binder mechanisms with magnetic base | Lever arch mechanisms with magnetic base | Magnetic slide binders | Magnetic paper clips | Magnetic wire clip mechanisms | Magnetic strips


Disc magnets


Disc magnets, self-adhesive


Plate magnets


Plate magnets, self-adhesive


Magnetic closure


Magnetic pockets

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Magnetic tape, 1 mm thickness


Magnetic tape, 1.5 mm thickness


Ring binder mechanisms with magnetic bases


Lever arch mechanisms with magnetic bases


Magnetic slide binders for documents


Magnetic paper clips


Magnetic wire clip mechanisms

We offer all wire clip mechanisms of our range also with magnetic feets.

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Magnetic strip, Aluminium look, self-adhesive


Magnetic strip, Aluminium look, for screwing


Magnetic strip, powder caoted, for screwing


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