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Slide binders

Slide binders are the ideal accessory for holding together or attaching unpunched documents.

You can choose between slide binders with or without a self-adhesive film, as well as with filing strip and clamp profile. In addition, you can choose from various colors and capacities.

Standard slide binders are ideal for holding documents together without having to punch them first. The documents are simply pushed into the slide binder and held together securely. This is a really easy way to produce various brochures or bind your presentations, specialist papers, product catalogues or price lists. The possibilities are endless. The slide binders are available in various capacities. This means you always have the right slide binder, no matter how much material you would like to bind.

Another design is slide binders with a filing strip. As well as the benefits above, they allow you to file the slide binder and the material it contains. This means documents can he filed in a larger folder without having to punch the documents in question. Another advantage is that you can keep control of the documents in your folder as the documents are sub-divided by the slide binders with filing strip.

Another very common design in the self adhesive slide binder. These come with a self adhesive strip on the back. These means they can be attached easily to menus, job application portfolios, on walls or wherever you need to hang up documents. You just have to remove the protective film on the back of the slide binder, and it is ready to stick practically anywhere you wish.

Profile slide binders are a very special design. The special shape of the profile makes it even easier to leaf through the pages. The binder profiles are thinner than regular slide binders and look much more delicate, and so they can handle less material. So, profile slide binders are often used to bind single documents. They are often used in the restaurant industry. That’s why they are sometimes described as clips for menus.

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Slide binders


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