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Gummischnüre und Kordeln

Elastic bands and cords

Elastic bands and cords can be used in an enormous variety of ways. Rubber cords and elastic bands are used to hold together various objects such as files, for example. On span folders, elastic cords are attached to the back of the folder using T splints we have designed. The elastic cord can then be pulled over the corner of the folder. The folder is now closed firmly and securely, and can be easily opened. The flat rubber elastic cords (also known as elastic braid) are most often used in the manufacture of calendars or notebooks. The flat rubber which has been cut to the required length is incorporated directly during manufacture of the book.

These non-elastic cords can be used as a hanger in the POS / display area or as a decoration for cards. Thicker cords are often used as a carrying handle. Here, the cords can naturally be knotted at the ends. If you would like to save time and effort, you can simply order the cords with the specially designed T splints on the ends.

We can supply elastic bands and cords by the metre wound onto spools, pre-cut or splinted. We can also cut the elastic bands or cords individually to the length required, or fit metal splints on request. You can choose from T splints, round elastic and round cord splints. T splints are attached to the end of the elastic bands and cords, and help attach them to carrier bags or folders. Elastic bands and cords are attached to a ring using round elastic and round cord splints. This design is used for example, as a binding for menus. If the ring needs to be opened, we recommend our cable shoe design. On this version, a cable shoe is attached to one end of the elastic cord and a T splint on the other end. The T splint can be fed through the opening in the cable shoe, securely locking the rubber cord. Another special form of elastic band and cord design is the drop shape version. In this case, a T splint on both ends is used for binding. The closed ring can be attached using this.

Round elastics | Flat elastics | PP-cord 2 mm | PP-cord 5 mm | Rayon cord | Hemp cord | Metal ends | Sam browne studs


Round elastic, 2 mm Ø (Metallic-colours 1.6 mm Ø)

Standard colors

Special colors are possible.

Now New:

Multi-coloured elastics in all championship colors. A list of all championship colours can be found here


Flat elastic, 5 mm width

Standard colors

Special colors are possible.


PP-cord, 2 mm Ø


Standard colors

Special colors are possible.


PP-cord, 5 mm Ø

Standard colors

Special colors are possible


 Rayon cord, different dimensions

Standard colors

Farbkarte Reyonkordel neuSpecial Colors are possible.


Hemp cord, different dimensions


Metal ends


Sam browne studs


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