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Heftmechaniken und Zubehör

File mechanisms and accessories

The uses and applications or file mechanisms are so varied that it is impossible to list all the options this system offers. It is now difficult to imagine everyday life without the principle of the file mechanism, tried and trusted over the years. In the most basic design of this mechanism, punched paper is place over a tongue, and attached using a corresponding cover piece. The designs of file mechanisms are as varied as the applications for these quick filing mechanisms. There is the right file mechanism for every conceivable application.

Anyone who has ever worked regularly with file mechanisms will confirm that quality and reliability play a major role here. Nothing is more irritating than a file mechanism which loses its shape quickly and can no longer hold the paper or documents properly. That’s why our range of file mechanisms and accessories is so varied and high quality, that it leaves nothing to be desired. Quality “made in Germany” guarantees a long working life. We supply file mechanisms in the widest possible range of designs. We stock an extremely wide variety of sizes and materials. The major advantage of some products in the file mechanism and accessory area is the adhesive option. The back of our file mechanisms comes with a strong adhesive surface which sticks really well.

Once you take off the protective sheet, you can attach the self-adhesive file mechanism anywhere you want, to file papers reliably as you wish. This kind of self-adhesive file mechanism is extremely practical and increases the number of application options for file mechanisms. If you haven’t yet been able to explore the possibilities of self adhesive file mechanisms, then with our range, you can create the perfect solution for working with punched paper.

Alongside the ready-made file mechanisms, our range also includes other accessory items such as filing devices which you can use to file unpunched documents such as brochures. The tongues and covers are also available separately.

We would be happy to offer you our expert advice on any aspect of file mechanisms and accessories.

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