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Arch mechanisms

Arch mechanisms are characterised by their special construction. They are different from classic round ring mechanisms (R-shape ring binder mechanisms) because of their specific construction. The arch mechanisms consist of two angular brackets which come together to form the characteristic Q-shape of this file mechanism. The advantages of this version of ring mechanism are that the edges of the pages are straight on both sides, and that the full capacity of the rings is utilised. That’s why Q-shape file mechanisms are often chosen as the suitable ring binder mechanism. Ultimately, the customer’s individual requirements will determine which version of arch mechanism they choose. Naturally, appearance also plays a part in the choice of the right file mechanism.

Q-shape mechanisms stand out with their professional appearance, and give the filed material a high quality look. The choice of the number of rings can influence appearance and above all the handling of the arch mechanisms. The customer must make their own individual decision between a file mechanism with four rings or two. The size of the Q-shape mechanism also has an influence on the appearance and properties of the file mechanism. Smaller Q-shape mechanisms look more delicate, and are much less heavy than the larger arch mechanisms. The larger ones naturally have a greater capacity, but are also heavier. As with all ring mechanisms, the arch mechanisms are frequently placed under considerable pressure. Therefore you should look for high quality components here too, as with all the different types of ring binder mechanisms. This is the only way to guarantee that the ring binder mechanism will continue to close properly over a long period of time, and that your material will be filed securely.

High quality, Q-shape arch mechanisms are characterised by an extremely reliable mechanism. The brackets in this kind of high quality mechanism close very cleanly and retain their good closing properties even after a lot of opening and closing.

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2 archs | 4 archs | Hole punches


Arch mechanisms with 2 archs

Special RAL colors are possible ( resistant powder coating )

Ringbuchmechaniken pulverbeschichtet 2-Ring Q-Form


 Arch mechanisms with 4 archs

Special RAL colors are possible ( resistant powder coating )

 Ringbuchmechaniken pulverbeschichtet Q-Form


High quality hole punches made of aluminum ( for each hole spacing the right punch )


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