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Round ring mechanisms

The round ring mechanism system has been tried and tested over the years and is used in a variety of applications in a very wide range of industries and professions and also in private households. This type of ring binder mechanism is characterised by a high level of user-friendliness and – with corresponding high quality – a long working life. The R-shape ring mechanism makes it easy to leaf through pages and facilitates easy filing of sheets and documents. Due to the many different applications where ring mechanisms can be used, a variety of sizes with different spaces between the rings have become established in the market.

The round ring mechanism is a classic amongst file mechanisms and can be used in a variety of applications. Depending on the type and quantity of material to be filed, there are various designs of round ring mechanism for ring binders and other filing systems.

Round ring mechanisms with 2 rings are a very common type of ring binder mechanism. They guarantee fast insertion of written material and convenient handling. 2 ring mechanisms are available in various sizes.

The round ring mechanisms are also available in a 4 ring mechanism. This version of the round ring mechanism offers especially solid retention of written material and documents. The 4 ring mechanisms in this design are also available in a range of sizes, with different ring-spacing.

Please let us give your our detailed advice regarding which multi-ring mechanism is best suited to your needs.

When buying R-shape mechanisms of any size or construction you must ensure the components are durable and long-lasting. All types of ring binder mechanisms have rigorous demands placed on them. The closing mechanism on round ring mechanisms must always function cleanly and without any effort even after many opening and closing processes. File mechanisms which quickly lose their tension and closing power are not suitable for challenging use and need to be replaced quickly. Therefore it is worthwhile to insist on quality when using round ring mechanisms. Ring binders, files, portfolios and all other types of filing systems benefit from high quality, stable file mechanisms.

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 2 rings | 4 rings | Hole punches


Round ring mechanisms with 2 rings

Special RAL colors are possible ( resistant powder coating )

 Ringbuchmechaniken pulverbeschichtet 2-Ring R-Form


Round ring mechanisms with 4 rings

Special RAL colors are possible ( resistant powder coating )

Ringbuchmechaniken pulverbeschichtet R-Form


High quality hole punches made of aluminum ( for each hole spacing the right punch )


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