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Clamp mechanisms for unpunched papers

Clamp mechanisms are used in many areas. Whether in a private setting to hold a wide range of items in position, or in a professional environment – the number of applications for clamp mechanisms is practically unlimited. The wire clip mechanism for DIN A4 sheets is a classic model and has been tried and tested over decades. You couldn’t imagine many industries without the simple, yet decidedly functional flexible mechanism, which is also light and robust.

Wherever paper or other items need to be handled in a flexible and exchangeable manner, a clamp mechanism is the right choice. A clamp mechanism is often used to hold loose sheets together and attach them to an appropriate writing board. This means that clamp mechanisms help you fill in documents conveniently without a table or other writing surface. Therefore, wire clip mechanisms are used where documents must be processed, exchanged and used on the go. Clamp mechanisms can also be attached to machinery, shelves or walls, to fix documents flexibly and securely.

This type of clamp mechanism can also be very useful in the home. You only have to think of the many possible applications in the kitchen, workshop or study. You can also use clamp mechanisms to attach other items besides paper. The applications here are extremely varied and there are no limits to creativity. Fitting clamp mechanisms is also really easy: Holes on the base plate mean our clamp mechanisms can be easily and securely attached using rivets or screws. This gives you the opportunity to put together your own individual clip board using various clamp mechanisms according to your own concept and requirements.

When using wire clip mechanisms, complete reliability of the clamp mechanism is, of course, extremely important. Loose brackets, which can no longer hold paper or other items, mean the clip board is no longer usable. High quality wire clip mechanisms can still be used without any difficulty after frequent, intensive use, holding the material in question securely. That’s why we use the highest possible quality of clamp mechanism. They can still be opened even after a long period of use, and accommodate paper or other items safely and permanently.

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