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Accessories for files

The core competence of the company Tidick Ringbuchtechnik GmbH is in the name – “Ringbuchtechnik” or ring binder technology. This includes ring binder mechanisms, trigger mechanisms and lever arch mechanisms. But we don’t just limit ourselves to these items, we also supply a wide range of all the products you need to make a file. Naturally, all the components are top of the range with the best possible quality, mainly domestic in origin, which allows us to produce special orders quickly with regard to colour and other features.

Our accessories for files covers a wide variety of products. This includes various kinds of compressor bars. Starting with the compressor bar with button for lever arch mechanisms, lever compressors for universal use, all the way to wire compressors, suitable for all common ring binder mechanisms.

The arch holder is an important accessory for files. The plastic arch holders are attached to the cover of the file with rivets. If the file is closed, the arch holder clicks into place in the ring binder mechanism and the cover will not open accidentally. The locks work which guide the brackets in the lever mechanism through the cover of the file, thus closing the file, operate in a similar way.

Finger ring eyelets are also a indispensable part for files. The file can easily be removed from the shelf using the integrated metal finger ring eyelet. Our plastic finger rings (available in various colours) are clipped over the metal finger ring eyelet, helping identification of files.

Edge protectors are an equally important accessory for files. Only an edge protector can give your file sufficient protection when used frequently. The life of your file is considerably increased. We can supply both standard designs size 250 x 30 mm, and special orders in any length you wish. You can also choose corner edge protectors and all round edge protectors.

Naturally, ring binder mechanisms, clamp mechanisms also need to be firmly attached. For this, we can offer a wide range of rivets such as double tubular rivets in various sizes with different surfaces. But we also always have machine rivets in various designs in stock.

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