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Display products

Putting up advertising or information material in the POS area is child’s play with our display products. But not just in the POS area, but wherever products have to be presented appropriately – our display products are the ideal accessory. Just think of the possible uses at trade shows or other information events, for example.

Use our ceiling hooks to hang larger objects such as advertising signage from the ceiling. The spring hook Jetsnap can be stretched to the desired length The length of the wire hooks DPHN is also variable thanks to the retractable nylon band. These hangers can be attached to all common hooks. If the substrate in question is ferrous, then our ceiling magnets are the ideal fixing alternative. You can create a hanging option in seconds without any drilling.

Shelf wobblers are another common display product. The shelf wobblers come with an self-adhesive film on both ends. One end is attached to the shelf, and the other to a flyer etc. This type of presentation attracts the customer’s attention much more quickly to the flyer. Shelf wobblers are available in various lengths and with different adhesive films.

Magnetic card holders follow the same principle as the shelf wobblers. Customers notice signage or flyers positioned in these display products much more quickly, and stimulate interest in your valued product.

Ball chains and teel rope keychain rings belong to every range of display items, as they are ideal for attaching objects such as information brochures to shelves, making them really easily accessible to your customers. At the same time, your information material is protected from getting lost.

Swatch fasteners prevent the holes on your hanging items from tearing. Information material is often used by your customers. Using swatch fasteners helps your information material last longer.

Ball chains, steel rope keychain rings, plastic rivets and swatch fasteners are all available in various sizes, to guarantee perfect fixing for your materials.

We would be happy to offer you our expert advice regarding the right display items for your specific application.

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