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Trigger mechanisms

Trigger mechanisms are characterised by their particularly high level of user-friendliness. This special type of round ring mechanism involves a closing system with a trigger to open the rings. This trigger mechanism allows small and narrow rings to be opened or closed without any difficulty. In particular, multi-ring mechanisms with small brackets benefit from the special type of filing mechanism. Trigger mechanisms are used when written material or documents must be fixed particularly firmly.

Accordingly, the applications of this ring mechanism include folders which are used to keep documents and written material for long periods, while giving the option of opening the file mechanism and adding / removing pages. Therefore the Trigger mechanism is frequently used for organisation. As a special version of the round ring mechanism trigger mechanism offers all the benefits of this type of closing system. It is really easy to leaf through the pages inserted with this kind of file mechanism. Trigger mechanisms are frequently used as a 6 ring mechanism. In this design, the round ring mechanism offers especially solid retention of the documents and written materials. Opening and closing is really easy thanks to the trigger. This type of folder mechanism is also available in the 4 ring option.

As with all ring binder mechanisms you should rely on quality in trigger mechanism area. Nothing is more irritating than a file mechanism which doesn’t close cleanly or is generally difficult to operate. So every manufacturer of products using trigger mechanisms for organisers should opt for high quality products. This is the only way to guarantee long-term customer satisfaction with the ring binder mechanism product. There is a wide range of trigger mechanisms available with consistently high quality. Depending on the requirements, multi-ring mechanisms can be supplied in various sizes and designs. We can give you comprehensive information about which version of round ring mechanism with trigger is most suitable for you and your products.

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Trigger mechanisms | Hole punches


Trigger mechanisms

Special RAL colors are possible ( resistant powder coating )

Kipphebelmechaniken pulverbeschichtet


High quality hole punches made of aluminum ( for each hole spacing the right punch )


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