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Lever arch mechanisms

Document files often come equipped with a lever arch mechanism. The advantage of the lever arch mechanism is that the bracket can be opened and closed with considerably less force. This makes life easier for users who have to open and close the file mechanism very frequently. This is why lever arch mechanisms are used frequently and in a variety of areas where documents are exchanged regularly. Lever arch mechanisms are also used where particularly easy opening and closing is needed.

Problems can arise with the lever  arch mechanism when the brackets no longer fit together properly. The benefit of ease of use which lever arch mechanisms give the user is then lost. This is irritating and means more force had to be used as the brackets must be bent back into shape. In many cases, this isn’t even possible and the whole file must be thrown away. For this reason, you should definitely opt for high quality lever mechanisms. These guarantee that the file mechanism will do its job reliably over a long period of time. File mechanisms with a high quality lever arch mechanism are just as precise and reliable after a lot of opening and closing as when they were used for the very first time.

There is a wide range of products available in the lever arch mechanism area, giving you an extremely high level of flexibility. Alongside the standard sizes for lever arch mechanisms (50 mm or 72 mm), you can also get 45 mm high lever arch mechanisms. These versions of lever arch mechanism are particularly suitable for files which will hold less content. 80 mm and 90 mm high lever arch mechanisms are also available in our range. This type of file mechanism is useful when a large amount of material has to be filed. Regardless of which style you choose, our lever arch mechanisms offer the highest possible level of reliability and long working life. The brackets continue to close cleanly even after repeated use, and the brackets do not have to bent back into shape. A lever arch mechanism of this quality makes work in any industry easier and makes it really easy to open and close the brackets very frequently which happens in many industries and professions.

 Lever arch mechanisms | Maxi screw arch mechanisms


Lever arch mechanisms

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